31Kgs lighter!

My Name is Erin, I’m 25yrs old. I have spent the last 12 months recovering from a serious car accident where I broke my femur in many places among other injuries. The accident left me unable to walk for 3 months where I proceeded to put on a lot of weight. It was hard enough dealing with the recovery and getting back into a simple day to day routine let alone the weight gain, I was getting quiet depressed and turned into someone who stayed at home and didn’t want to go out(I was a very social person pre accident).After the first round at day 43 I had lost a total of 15.9kg so far I had lost a total of 23.5cm from hip, waist, thigh, upper arm and bust/back fat (cup size hasn’t changed!).

I was so encouraged by the diet that as soon as i could i did another round loosing another 10 kgs, I had a 2 month break and am now half way through my 3rd round with a total of 31 kgs lost to date and still dropping. This amazing weight loss means i can now have an operation in August to remove the titanium rod in my leg with minimum risk and a lot faster recovery as not as much extra stress and weight is on it.Ii have been ask by a number of people how have i lost so much weight? I am always so keen to shear my experience on the HCG Diet and many people i know have benefited just as much as i from doing it.

A massive thanks to the awesome team at theHCGdiet.co.nz for an outstanding programme and support team, you guys are legendary.

Erin Lobb