19 Kgs Gone!

November 2012 I decided that I had had enough of not being able to do stuff with my kids and do something about it.  I happened to find out about HCG from a friend who had great results and really showed to me that if she could do it (she had been in a car accident the year before), that there was no reason why I couldn't, so I gave it a try, now 19 kilos lighter I have changed my whole way of life.

My job as an office manager means that I do very little activity and have found that I now enjoy going for my daily walk, I have stopped snacking on chocolate at work when I become stressed with my job and now drink water and green tea.  The main thing I have found is the positive comments from family, colleagues and friends.  I no longer suffer from acid reflux or eczema, one of which has plagued me since I was a child.

"I would recommend anyone to give it a go, the results will surprise you and change your life".

Kathleen Perrett