11 Kgs lost 20 days

My clothes started getting tighter, I was shopping for larger sizes and I was also covering up more than I usually would.

OMG I tried so many diets – you name it I have tried it, but all seems to fail on me :( I even tried eating healthy and working out but that also failed because I got bored I just wasn’t motivated, the scales didn’t change felt like I was doing so much and so little results. Then one day a friend at work recommended the HCG diet and in my mind my initial thought was here it goes again another diet and no results. You can say I was the sceptical one so I did a lot of research behind it all before I had the courage to try it, but what really convinced me was my other friend had tried the HCG diet too but I didn’t know she had done it, she had asked if I wanted to try the diet she was on, she had just completed it and she looked amazing so I asked her which one is it and she replied the HCG diet. Right then and there I decided yup this is it I’m going to do it. I saw the results in her. I thought if she can do it so can I.

That night I went on the website and purchased the 20 Day starter kit, 3 days later it arrived and moment of truth I hopped on the sales and I was a whopping 75Kg I almost had a heart attack when I saw how heavy I was I felt depressed but that added to my motivation for change, because I am getting married in February 2014, I need to start losing weight now, I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress.

On the first two days I did the fat loading days I was thinking to myself wouldn’t that just make me work even harder to lose weight if I’m adding all this fat into me, day one I gained 500grams then day two I loss 2.2Kg while I was doing the fat loading days, I thought I was dreaming, I thought my scales were wrong, I even went out to buy new batteries for it and I even went to a friend’s place to hop on their scales I was truly amazed the HCG diet really works. I felt so happy and this gave me more determination to keep going and as each day passed I was losing 500 grams to 1 Kg a day.

I thought eating 500 calories was going to be hard, I must admit the first 4 days of starting the 500 calories was hard but after that it became easy I made sure I had weighed all my meat and pre packed it so it was easy for me to come home and prepare my meals. I am now off the diet weighing at 66Kg and a total loss of 17cm around my waist after 20 days on the HCG diet. And I am still continuing to lose after coming off the diet because I have also changed my way of eating. I am truly grateful that my friends recommend the HCG diet now I feel amazing and beautiful. And my Fiancé sure loves the new me. I will definitely be doing the HCG diet again.

Thank you guys so much the HCG diet kick started my weight loss.

Katie Mourn