11.9 Kgs in 35 Days

he rewards are DAILY.  Since I became a teenager and my body started changing ( I am now 30) I have struggled with my weight especially in my stomach area where my stomach is covered in scaring from different operations from throughout my life.  I feel like I have a Bum on my stomach, is how I would put it. My scars stay in and the fat grows around it.  But thanks to the HCG Diet I am leaving my front bum behind.

I have found finding different foods very easy, and have used the recipe book that came with my pack a lot, making and trying different salads, meats, dressings.  I also got my steamer out of my cupboard dusted it off (lol) and used this daily, a very easy way to cook meats with no fats or oils. It was hard for the first week feeling hungry, but I think my stomach shrunk fast, as it very easily become easier to eat smaller meals.   I absolutely loved waking up every morning scrambling out of bed to see how much weight I have lost for that day and my total weight.

I started this diet at 89.5kgs. After finishing The HCG Diet I weighed 77.6kg a total loss of 11.9kg in 35 days. I am now a few months down the track and with the correct eating(most of the time). I have managed to keep all my weight I lost through HCG off, I even felt good enough to wear a Bikini to the beach this year for the first time since I was a teenager.  IT FELT GREAT, and to get a tan from head to toe made me feel even better. I do fluctuate every few days between 77.5 and 79.5 but I am so pleased with the result and plan to do another round very soon to get the last 10 kilos i want to shed.

I am so grateful I found HCG it has been an amazing Journey and I have recommended and will continue to recommend this diet to anyone that will listen to me.

Lynley Tappin (Matamata)