8 Kgs in 2.5 Weeks

I think I was rewarding myself with too many bad foods in an effort to replace the "good feeling" that had come from a ciggy for 20 years.

I researched the HCG diet quite extensivly before deciding I would give it a go and will admit that I was extreemly sceptical of what the results would be.

After an easy 2.5 weeks I had lost a mind blowing 8 kilo and decided that was enough as I was feeling back like myself again.

The biggest thing I have gained from this diet, is not actually the weight loss but more the awareness of what I was putting into my body and the bad choices I was making,  my home life is back as it should be, and all the old clothes have come back out of storage and back into my wardrobe!

I am now counting calories, exercising daily and have lost a total of 10.5 kg, still going strong thanks to the great start the HCG diet gave me.

Jules Conan