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23kgs down!!

After suffering from a back injury in early 2017, I gained just over 30kgs within a few months. With not being able to exercise and lots of bad food choices, and a lot of alcohol, the weight came on pretty quickly.

From 100.2kg to 77.2kg so far

After one 40 day round of HCG and up to day 24 on the second round of HCG I have gone from 100.2kg to 77.2kg.

Lost 25kgs with HC-Slim

After years of yo-yo dieting my weight become out of control. I had tried to lose weight so many times over the years.

16 Kgs Down So Far!

I’ve done one round of the 40day hcg journey with the drops,shake, pills and b12.
I started at 84kg on the 8 July and dopped to 68kg

2019 NY Resolution Results

A good friend of mine introduced me to HCG and I decided its time. I started phase 1 on the 31st December 2018. My 40 day drops ended 10 Feb.

40 Day HCG Course -13Kgs

I have struggled with my weight for the last few years and really had fallen into a spiral of bad eating habits and no exercise which had hurt my self-confidence immensely.

Another HCG Diet Success Story

Hi, my name is Paloma, and I’m from Brazil. I’m 33 years old, and I found it really hard to lose weight after my pregnancy.

From 74 Kgs to 61 Kgs

I have alway struggles with my weight with working in hospo alway eating and picking at food.

HCG Diet: 10.2 Kgs

After trying different diets and not seeing results, I decided to try hcg! My starting weight was 72.9kgs, feeling tired and sluggish I started the hcg drops.

HCG Diet : 15.2kg in 5 weeks

I was less than 2 months out from my wedding and I guess I had been hoping that the weight would drop off with the stress of planning the wedding - ha! I had lost nothing at all in the lead up (rolls eyes).

I have lost 15Kgs

This product truly gives you the support and motivation that you need to lose that unwanted fat. I was amazed at how much energy I had and how I didn’t get hungry at all.

23Kgs Gone

I turned to HCG as a last resort, but it turned out to be the best thing for me. Depressed, low energy, no motivation, couldn’t seem to lose any weight and always feeling crap about myself.

12Kg in 40 Days

After many years of yo yo dieting and my weight almost reaching 100kg I decided enough is enough. I needed something quick and effective as I had lost motivation in the past when dieting took forever.

18Kg in Just 40 Days

It's funny how you never realise you're putting on weight until boom it's there and too late. I mean I knew I had put on some kgs, unconsciously started wearing baggy clothes all the time but honestly couldn't see or didn't realise just how much until I finally decided to weigh myself.

11 Kgs in 4 weeks

I would like to share my success story with everyone who is thinking about trying this diet but is not sure whether to do it or not. DO IT. It WILL change your life....

22.5Kg's Down So Far

Here's yet another great progress update from one of our clients. She has wished to remain anonymous, but is happy to share her journey with you so far.

14Kgs...Bye Bye

So I started the HCG diet in Feb as I had come across it on FB, directed to there by a girlfriend of mine. I was a bit sceptical at first as I thought, "What could drops do?" But I'm glad I did!

First 23 days results.

I have always been very slim and trim (55kg), and then I had a hysterectomy and into a change of life and hormones went crazy. I have been frantic and searching for answers...

I used to be 97Kgs!

My name is Amy, I am now 20 years old and feeling a lot more comfortable with myself. Growing up I was always a big girl; I was bullied in High School by not only girls but boys as well they would say things like "Pork Chop" and that I "would never have a boyfriend looking like this".

15Kgs in 40 Days

As an active 53 year old male, I was struggling with level of exertion, to level of perspiration ratios!, That was 80 days ago today, (27th July 2016), today is 40 days after the end of my 40 day HCG diet.

17.2Kgs Using HCG

Eventually, I saw my weight increase over the space of say eight years, up to around 74kg with that figure continuing to go up.

Lost 26 Kilos So Far!

Hi my name is Mieke, I have been on an incredible journey over the past year. I have lost 26 kilos since last January and kept it of. Although it had been difficult at times without the support I....

10 Kgs So Far

Just recently I was away on holiday and I was astonished when visiting a friend, seeing her transformation over the last few months. I was lucky she was caring enough to-share the secret of her success with me and as I do – I did lots of research.
It got me thinking – I can do this, I can get back to the size I was 10 years ago.

10.3 Kgs in 23 Days

I have been always a very healthy size 10 small 12 untill fell pregnant with my 2 babies really close apart. But things drastically changed with the severity of my complications during both my pregnancies. The first being born at 31 weeks which was hard enough and then being diagnosed with preeclampsia during my second pregnancy.

22Kgs Lighter

Feeling better about myself was the main reason I started this diet and 47.6lbs (21.59Kg) lighter and down three dress sizes, I have certainly achieved that goal. I’d be lying if I said the comments and compliments from family, friends and colleagues haven’t also helped keep me on....

21Kgs Lighter

I owe so much to the HCG Diet team for all of their support and motivation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back! I now feel confident, beautiful and most of all happy. I have been a 'big girl', as people used to call me, for as long as I can remember.

Lost 25Kgs

I cant express how much HCG has changed my life. I can run again; I feel good, and I'm in a better head space. I don't feel like I have to worry about my body anymore. I don't have a perfect body, but I love my myself that's what matters to me.

Total Loss of 17 Kgs

Me and my mum both did the 26day course during this course I found myself more energetic and happier and full of life I lost a total of 17kgs putting my weight down to 67kgs with still another 7kgs to lose to get to my goal weight.

3.5 Kgs in 7 Days

I started this diet to lose a couple of unwanted kg's and I couldn't believe how easy it was!

I had a bad snacking problem and was never able to shed those kg's, I tried bootcamps, gym's and shake diets but i was always came out the same weight or more!

Already 5.6 Kgs down...

At 15 years of age weighing 104.8 kg's I was shattered i felt so 'fat', so 'ugly'. I was a size 18 at 15 years of age. When we would have P.E at school I would write a fake note saying I was sick and go cry in the bathroom cause of how worthless and fat i felt....

Total Loss of 15Kgs

One of my best friends mum was doing it she lost heaps of weight ;) just watching her big traformation inspired me . And I got there I'm so happy with my weight lost more energy I've also changed my life style I go for walks everyday eat home made meals no more take outs...

Loss To Date: 19Kgs

On Saturday 10th January 2015 I started my two loading days. My measurements were Weight: 130.9kg Thighs: 76cm Hips: 125.5cm Waist: 140cm Upper Arm: 46.5cm Bust: 133.5cm. I found the loading days very interesting in the fact that I really had no energy to do anything, it would have been all the fat loaded foods I ate! On day 3 I weighed in at 131.8kg (real starting weight).

5 Kgs Lost In The First Week!

At 20 years old I gave birth to my daughter. Before pregnancy I was 70 kg and at the end of pregnancy I was 96 kg. After the birth I dropped down to 76kg though I got severely depressed and put a heck of a lot back on. Back up to 91 kg. I was so ashamed of my weight and noticeable size that I refused to leave the house.

Lost 17Kgs in 40 Days

I was utterly amazed and even better I was excited to see how my weight loss was going every morning. I felt like I was gaining more energy! The food definitely was my favorite part I never felt horrible about eating healthy nor did I feel bloated once. That was a bonus! It was also surprising how baggy all my clothes were getting and was receiving

Lost 34 Kgs!

I'm now a healthy, happy 64 kgs! That's a total of 34 kgs of fat! Gone and never coming back!!! :) I feel great and I now know my limits, I respect food and I respect myself.

Size 20 to 12

I feel young and energetic. Next week is my birthday on 23 of September and I will celebrate a new beginning. I would like to thanks my son for all the support, also HCG New Zealand to give me....

Down 21 Kgs!

So now I can proudly say I was 143kgs now 122kgs and still dropping, that's 21kgs on my first round and I plan on doing a second round as soon as my maintenance is finished. I can run 10km easy without stopping....

6 Kgs in the first week.

My children's nan started the diet and the stories on here inspired me to try it too. I brought my HCG round and started on high hopes. My first 5 days 2 of them loading days I lost just under 6 kg. I was so happy....

14 Kgs In 23 Days

On the 24th August, I weighed in at a whopping 109.5kg. This was my first loading day. 20 days later, I had lost 10kg. I had reached my first goal, and was finally less than 100kg. This is something that I never thought possible...

12.5 Kgs in 35 Days

I weighed 101.6Kg when I started. How did I get there? Actually very easily! HCG gives me the light at the end of the tunnel and nothing tastes better than the success of losing weight....

Total Loss of 20Kgs

I feel so good about my new weight, I had never thought I would lose so much weight and now look so much younger than my age.  I have lost almost 20kg which is marvelous loss for me.  I used to weigh....

Day 12 and already lost 6Kgs

It seems like I have been dieting my whole life. Even when I wasn't dieting I was determined to eat whatever I wanted, so the constant focus on food has always been there. I have tried fasting, calorie counting, diet pills....

Size 22 to a 14

Thank you for bringing these wonderful drops to nz, they're awesome!   So far I've inspired 5 people to try them and they're all having similar fantastic results.

Lost 13kgs!

I have always been unhappy with my weight, although everyone kept telling me that it wasn’t that bad. I was moody, exhausted all the time and generally just grumpy because I was eating unhealthy....

13 Kgs in 22 Days

My name is Livia and I am a 22 year old female. I used to be a healthy 73-5kg , under 3 years I managed to go up to a whopping 98kgs.I ate and ate and couldn’t stop myself, even if I was full I would go back for a second serving....

8 Kgs in 2.5 Weeks

I gained alot of weight over the 375 days I had quit smoking,  I was exercising, dieting and having no luck shifting my weight, which of course led to problems in my relationship, self esteem, depression and self worth....

14.8 Kgs in 30 Days

Hi my names Jared Thompson. I would like to share my journey on the HCG Diet. My partner bought me the HCG Diet to help loose weight for better health and healthier lifes with our two beautiful children....

11.9 Kgs in 35 Days

I have loved the HCG Experience as a whole.  It has been the only diet I have done that is motivating daily, so many times I have slipped up on other diets because it is a long slow process.  BUT NOT THE HCG DIET....

16Kg in 40 Days

I will cut a long story short; I am 28 years old, I am married with  four children at the ages of 4,5,7,8, life has so many challenges for everyone!! For me the biggest has been my marriage in the past, also my WEIGHT!!....

11 Kgs lost 20 days

My name is Katie I am 27 years old. Growing up I had always been a small girl. When I was 18 years old I was only 48Kg and I am only 146 cm tall. I thought I would never gain weight but to my surprise the older I got I just kept gaining weight and every Kg I put on sure showed....

25 Kgs in 40 Days

I couldn’t have been more over the moon, changing my eating habits I have had for most off my life , to eating habits that have transformed my life for the good, setting small goals along my new pathway...

Lost 13.6Kgs

Then the depression set in. Everyone thought it was just baby blues but I had it bad. I didn't even recognise the person in the mirror, and being fat is HARD! Being overweight makes it hard work to do anything! If bending over to put on my shoes was difficult

My Ideal Weight

My BMI put me in the obese category and my total body fat was above 30%, this weight gain started to depress me, I didn’t want to get undressed in front of the mirror and I didn’t want my partner looking at me naked...

Lost 34.5cm So Far

I was constantly eating something, even if it was fruit and veges but my main thing was cakes and biscuits. 3 years on and I was back to the 94.3kg mark. I tried cutting down on the cakes, biscuits and sweets combined with smaller portions and more regular exercise....

19 Kgs Gone!

The main thing I have found is the positive comments from family, colleagues and friends.  I no longer suffer from acid reflux or eczema, one of which has plagued me since I was a child. My names Kathleen, I'm a 35 year old mother of two (5 & 10years), I have battled with weight for the last 10 years or so and found that I just couldn't stick to anything.

17.5Kg Lighter so far!

I have the confidence to purchase new clothes for the first time in years, I love the way my body looks compared to a short 8 months ago and it’s all thanks to HCG Diet NZ....

Lost 15 Kgs in 2 Weeks!

That's when I found out about HCG diet drops and I thought they were to good to be true when my aunty was telling me about how she started on them and it gave her more energy and motivation to do things and she had lost 15kgs in 2...

Progress So Far: Day 40

I’m a solo mother of two young children. Early childhood issues are what made me start to put the weight on.  I have always classed myself as the big girl, the un-popular one especially at family functions, school...

31Kgs lighter!

I was so encouraged by the diet that as soon as i could i did another round loosing another 10 kgs, I had a 2 month break and am now half way through my 3rd round with a total of 31 kgs lost to date and still dropping. This amazing weight loss means i can now have an operation...

15.7 Kg Lighter!

Hi my name is Samantha Fairhurst and i am 21 years of age. When i first started this i was a whopping 99.5kg feeling depressed and i hated going out of the house and now i am 83.8!! I have lost 15.7kg and I love myself...

12Kgs and Feeling Fantastic.

My husband can’t believe how quickly I lost the weight and how its changed me physically and mentally – (and still have the same bust size – as promised). For once I am looking forward to summer and can’t wait to dress up and go out instead of hiding in baggy clothes....

Lightest in 10 Years!

I really couldn’t recommend the HCG diet more highly, it is so easy.  I haven’t felt hungry or tired. Give it a go, you have everything to lose ( in a positive way):)

Lost 8.3 Kg

My story is a little different to most, I'm usually very fit & in pretty good shape but late last year after having my first baby I discover what it was like to feel big & found it very hard to drag myself back into the gym when I felt so uncomfortable. So after hearing from a few people about the HCG diet I decided to give it a go, jumping on the scales...

18Kgs in 40 Days

I am Hayley, I’m 28 years old and this is my roller coaster ride to a better life for myself.
I was unhappy, uncomfortable and becoming unmotivated I would look at who I had become in the mirror and get upset, I have always struggled with my weight,  I was training at the gym 5 days, each week I would weigh myself and see  the same number, it was becoming heart breaking and depressing...

11.5 Kgs Down

I started my HCg Journey weighing 80kg,s and feeling very unhealthy and overweight, I had fallen into some very bad eating habits after the birth of my 2nd baby and was really struggling to get the baby weight off. A friend from work introduced me to HGC, with a great success story of her own...

10 Kgs in 24 Days

I had my first child in December 2010 and my weight was up and down all the time (mostly up!).  I gained 25kgs during my pregnancy (I sure lapped up the 'eating for two' didn't I hehe!) and while I wasn't overly concerned about my excess weight, as time wore on, it became apparent ....

Down 18 Kgs

I've lost 18kg so far and feel amazing. I can't believe how many comments I'm getting about how good I look and how much weight I've lost. I've always been told it takes 21 days to create a new habit and I understand that now although I'm not sure I could have done it without the HCG Diet making me feel full. It was strange feeling hungry in my stomach with some odd pains, which I realised eventually was hunger but my head telling me, I don't need it. I'm not listening to my stomach instead of eating just because and I don't eat nearly enough.
A low was wanting to excercise but knowing that by about 9 at night I was shattered so a walk was as much as I did. It was worth it though....

Lost 15 Kgs so far!

I'm 19 years of age and I have tried heaps of other defends diets, going to the gym 2 times a day and it just used to drain all my energy after so long so I always stopped and just went back to how I was before I started.

That's when I found out about HCG diet drops and I thought they were to good to be true when my aunty was telling me about how she started on them and it gave her more energy and motivation to do things and she had lost 15kgs in 2weeeks. She inspired to get the drops and I thought if she can do it so can I so I went online order the drops....

19.1 Kgs in 40 days

I just thought I'd let you know my progress on the 40day Course.
I have reached my last day on it, weighed & measured this morning & have lost a total of 19.1kgs & 23.9cms from my neck to my thighs.

16.4 Kgs Lost so far

Everyone had a huge laugh at my expense but you will understand, it was the best feeling in the world and you will see why!!!
I was walking up from the garden and my trousers were way to big but I had tightened them up around the waist (so I thought) well you can guess what happened...