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During Phase 2 of the HCG diet, it is normal to have to days where you lose a lot and days where you don't lose as much. Everybody is different and it is impossible to tell when or where these slower can days occur.

If you find the loading days for the HCG Diet, a difficult concept to grasp then welcome to the club.

I mean, come on, we are trying to lose weight here, not scoff down on Wendys and KFC. It makes no sense...Or does it?

We always love hearing the incredible success stories our clients constantly have here in New Zealand and around the world. They inspire so many people to take control, use The HCG Diet program and go on to lead healthier, more confident lives.
We are a such huge fan of sharing the love here at The HCG Diet NZ that we would like to offer you some free gifts in return for your success story. Your story will then be proudly featured on our website and Facebook.


Water, Water Every where!....

Let's talk about drinking water on the HCG Diet. Not only the importance of water while doing the HCG Diet, but also the dangers of drinking too much.

1. Drinking enough water while doing the HCG Diet can play a massive role in not eating too much. Sometimes you can think you are hungry when in actual you are thirsty or becoming dehydrated. Always assume this is the case and treat it as your first line of defence before chowing down that extra snack. Try a hot drink such tea or coffee with stevia and see if you are still feeling hungry afterwards.

Here at the HCG Diet NZ, we quite often get asked for advice on maintaining after the HCG diet or any diet is finished. Probably the most common thing we hear is “ I eat pretty healthy so why am I starting to put some weight on again.”
There is also misconception amount people that if you lose the weight fast, you will pack it on faster and even more. This is far from the truth. Many of these myths are spread about from people that benefit financially the slower you lose the weight. But I can assure you that no matter how you lose the weight, whether it is through Jenny Craig, running every morning, person trainers or the HCG Diet how you go after any weight loss is entirely up to you. But knowledge is key...

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