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Eat to fuel your body

So often we get caught up in the latest rage, and nutrition is no different. We're told that if we would just all but eliminate a single macronutrient such as carbohydrates or fat, then we fix the problem. Well, as simple as that sounds... it's actually MUCH simpler than that. If you eat the amount of calories your body actually needs, you are taking care of 90% of your problems. You can completely eliminate carbohydrates or fats from your diet, but if you are still eating 500 calories in excess of what your body can burn, you will gain fat. Regardless of whether you eat 80% of your calories as carbohydrates, or 80% as fat, your body is an amazing machine that can convert and use that energy. Just to be clear I am not saying food choices don't matter, because they do.

I am saying it's not as important as how MUCH we are eating.

Now the question: Are you eating foods that keep you full and satisfied, or foods that cause you to eat even more?

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