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Phase 2 HCG Diet Approved Fizzy Drink

With Summer quick approaching, here at the HCG Diet NZ we get inundated with calls and emails asking if diet drinks are allowed on the diet. Short answer no. Even though it is not actually sugar it is still not allowed. No artificial sweeteners are allowed unless it is Stevia. Stevia has become increasingly popular over the last couple years and can now be bought at pretty much any Pak n Save or New World.
Just because we can't have a Coke or Spite doesn't mean we have to miss out! Try this HCG Diet approved fizzy drink the next time its hot and your thirst needs a quenching.


250mm sparkling mineral water

Stevia to taste (flavored if desired)
3-5 Table Spoons fresh orange, lemon, lime or apple juice
Mix altogether and serve on ice.



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