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This article will give you a great overall snap shop of why HC-Slim (HCG Diet) is so effective, fast and beneficial for weight loss. 

Diet foods, such as those labelled “low-fat,” “low-calorie”, or “fat-free,” are specifically marketed to people looking to shed excess weight.

However, many diet foods may do your waistline more harm than good.

Here are 19 diet foods often considered healthy that may, in fact, cause weight gain.

Grissini has long been advertised as the recommended snack for the HCG diet protocol. Almost all companies that provide the HCG Diet still recommend and even sell Grissini to their clients. But this is a terrible idea, even though it was recommended in the original HCG Diet protocol written by Dr A.T.W Simeons way back in 1962.

Garlic doesn't just keep away the vampires. It also goes incredibly well with pesto! .... And chicken. This HCG, phase 2 approve recipe is hands down one of my favourites. It's fast, easy and tastes incredible.

We have compile a list of the top 6 myths our clients have heard before coming to us to start their wieght loss journey.

When you first embark on your HCG Diet weight loss journey, the one thing you will pay the closest attention to, if not ALL your attention is what you will be eating. You will closely monitor the food intake to make sure you are staying within the allowed limits of the HCG diet protocol. And this is a perfect start! But one other essential element, that is very often over looked is your intake of water.

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